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Product: Lumagenex

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Wrinkles not only shadow the face and skin, but also one’s confidence. My self-image was hurt so much when a colleague at work pointed out that I was getting bad wrinkles…of course they are natural but my skin was getting worse with days. Seeing me upset, my sister suggested me to use Lumagenex Anti Aging Cream. Find out how great it worked on my skin texture as well as wrinkles through the review.

buy nowWhat is it?

It is a hydration formula that doubles as an anti agent cream too. It works inside and over the skin, penetrates into the skin cells and protects them from radical, age damage. As the skin cells grow repair, it creates a protective and moisture shield on the face which repairs wrinkles, prevents new ones and makes skin plump and soft with high collagen. The best part is – this cream works on all types of skin and can be used without any doubts.

Lumagenex Ingredients

  • Trylagen PCB
  • Collagen Plus
  • Argireline
  • Moisturebalance

All of these are natural and tested so there are no chances of side effects. All of these have been tested by dermatologists. But it is suggested that if your skin is too sensitive, do a patch test first.

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Does Lumagenex Work?

  • Trylagen PCB restores the declining collagen levels, leading to plumper skin with higher elastin
  • Collagen Plus leads to natural Collagen synthesis
  • Argireline (combination of healthy amino Acids) relaxes facial muscles, prevents strain on the skin cells
  • Moisture balance contains combining elements that allow the remaining ingredients of the formula to reach deeper into the skin and enable better results

When Do results Appear?

Beginning results appear within or around a month. But sometimes they can vary as per your lifestyle and your skin damage. Even if you do not get outcomes within a month, keep using as results might delay, but would definitely happen.

What are the alternatives that the user can try to get the results within lesser time?

Avoid going out without sunscreen protection, hydrate every day, and don’t skip application. Along with this, eat healthy antioxidant rich food, stay away from drinking, smoking as that leads to premature aging, and try meditation and yoga for the best outcomes.get flawless skin

Pros of the product

  • This formula if suitable for all skin types
  • Works great for acne prone skin too and reduces not only wrinkles but also bad spots
  • Improves the eyes’ radiance by declining puffy eyes, dark circles
  • Has tested, safe and proven ingredients that work positively on collagen production
  • Improves skin cell repair growth
  • Blends well with makeup, sunscreen
  • Pain free, non-invasive method
  • Affordable and easily accessible through online order method
  • Certified manufacturing lab
  • Free trial is given


None as such! But since this is only available online, this can be considered as a con because many people still find online buy little messy.

Experts’ opinion on it

My dermatologist said that she often recommends this formula to her other clients and told me to go ahead with it.

What about other users who have used it before?

My sister Cecelia was the one who told me about it. I was quite astonished as with age, her wrinkles were vanishing! Although she has acne prone skin, this formula worked great for her.

My final opinionskin care

I would definitely recommend women with wrinkle issues to use this.

What is really like about it is the perfection of consistency and also that it goes along well with all skin types (mine is dry). Moreover, it is fast and works on the spots too. I began using is last fall and it’s been almost a year now. I now have zero wrinkles on my face and I am still sticking to use it because it is really effective at thwarting off new wrinkles. Furthermore, it hydrates my face well and even after traveling for long hours, my face feels fresh and skin alive.

What Do I Not like about it?

The automatic subscription program is something that I don’t like about it. Also, there is no retail option to purchase the bottles and there is no choice of sizes available either.

Lumagenex Side Effects?

None. It is perfectly fine in all proportions! The consistency of the formula is great, neither too thick nor too runny and it is fast absorbing so there is no greasy residue left on the face.

Free Trial

Free trial with 2 week supply is available for users.

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Where to Buy?

Lumagenex has facility for E-order available at its website where you can make paid orders as well as free trial orders.

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  1. I used Lumagenex on my friend’s advice, and it proved to be a good decision for me. I used the solution religiously and within a week, I noticed less wrinkles and age spots on my skin. Thank you my friend for recommending me such a lovely solution. Go for it people! 😉

  2. Ammie Vas says:

    Lumagenex is the only skin care product which really helps in giving significant difference with young and radiant look. I just cannot stop myself from applauding its makers. Use it and feel the difference immediately.

  3. I used Lumagenex, after seeing my sister using it daily. As she used to look younger than me. But after I started its application, I could also manage my younger looks, just like my sister. 😀 😀

  4. Margret Hilton says:

    With the horrible lines making their nuisance appearance on my face, I trusted to treat them with the effective working of Lumagenex. Recommended world over by famous skin experts it delivered me the promising results with the flawless young and bright look. Ladies give it a try if you want to own ageless beautiful skin.

  5. I hate wrinkles, but when I was not able to decided what to do, when they turned up on my face. However, my best friend suggested me to use Lumagenex, as she herself was using it. I knew it very well that Botox is out of my pocket, and hence, I used it daily on my face, and the results are really wonderful. 🙂 🙂